1Gb DSM 4G63 Turbo Wiring Harness (1992-94)

Exact date of this example harness is unknown. It is a later, 1G turbo, automatic harness.

Fuel Injectors - B01,B06,B09,B10 B25 - Park/Neutral Switch B16 - AC Clutch B02 - TPS B26 - Heated O2 Sensor B31- Engine Coolant Temp Switch B30 - Engine Coolant Temp Sensor (gauge) A32 - Crank/Cam Position Sensor B14 - Ignition Coil B15 - Ignition Power Transistor B08 - EGR Temp Sensor B07 B05 B04 A11 - Cruise Control Vacuum Pump A13 - Emmisions Harness Connector A14 - Charcoal Canister Purge Ground #7 A58 - Fuel Injector Resistor Pack A59 Ignition Relay Ignition/Starter Related A60 A55 unknown-AC Related #1 - Connects to C58 Battery Terminal A52 and Starter Related (2) A08 - AC Related A51 A36 AT Related #3 B25 AT Related #2 C58 C50 Ignition Related #1 O2 Signal AT Related Plugs (3) Engine ECU Plugs (ALL 3) + others AT TCU plugs (ALL 3) Ground #1 Firewall Seal C67 C63 - Relay (Gold Box) C60 - AT TCU C61 - AT TCU C62 - AT TCU C66 - ECU C65 - ECU C64 - ECU C63 - Relay (Gold Box) Back to Tech