1994 Mitsubishi Mirage 4G15 Federal Emissions ECU - EB18


Mitsubishi Part: MD192517

ECU Code: E2T39376

EPROM Chip: EB18

Fed Spec (three plug)

Revlimiter: 7000rpm

Fuel Injector Comp. Size: 175cc

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MD192517 ECU 2517 - E2T39376

1994 4g15 EPROM ECU - EB18 - 3510 1994 S 4g15 EPROM ECU with good capacitors

Fuel Tables

Stock EB18 Fuel Table #1

Stock EB18 Fuel Table #2

Ignition Timing Tables

Stock EB18 Ignition Timing Table #1

Stock EB18 Ignition Timing Table #2