How to Wire An O2 Sensor Gauge In A Mirage

This is just some additional information for installing the meter in a Mirage. The pictures at the bottom of the page will help you wire just about any car.

The 4G wiring is VERY similar to wiring a 2G Eclipse if that helps you.

The diagrams are from the perspective of looking down the wires that run into the back of the plugs. Do not use the front of the plugs as a reference.

1993-1996 Mirage
(ECU Wiring Harness)

1997-2002 Mirage
(ECU Wiring Harness)

These are the images to look for in the Mitsubishi Mirage Shop Manual circuit diagrams. These will be shown for one of the Front O2 sensor wires.

For California emissions cars.

For either


For Federal emissions cars.

You want to tap the signal wire for the FRONT O2 sensor. They are usually large White wires.

Mitsubishi Color Coding:
G: Green GR: Gray L: Blue P: Pink R: Red
SB: Sky Blue V: Violet W: White Y: Yellow