Original Post from 2003 - GSX Calipers and Galant VR4 Rotor Install

Upgrade thanks to sh4d32

Posted: Thu May 08, 2003 9:51 pm Post subject: 2 piston BRAKE UPGRADE!


More R&D from my laboratory!
Perfect compliment to the 4g64 swap

Left = the new stuff (with the old pad next to the new one to show off the difference)

Right = Stock size 1998 1.5l mirage brakes.

1992 Galant VR-4 Rotors (ONLY!) Must be redrilled to a 4x100 pattern.
Bought and drilled here: www.precisionbrakescompany.com

1994 Eclipse AWD complete Calipers (I beleive all of the 2 piston designs are interchangeable with slight variations of banjobolt connection.)
Found here: www.partznet.com (www.jnztuning.net) or go to Bennet ($30 cheaper per side after core)

For the Banjobolts, call this number = 1-877-676-3277
They are a supplier for Goodridge and can get you shorter bolts if your stock ones dont fit. Ask for 10x1 banjo bolts. Or the ones out of a 99 mirage brake kit.

1994 Eclipse AWD Brake pads I chose axxis ultimate found here: www.carbotecheng.com

Everything should cost LESS than $500 for reman calipers and new everything else. Not bad for more brakes than you will ever need! And finally looks nice too! haha

MUST have at least 15" rims and I cant guaranteee ALL 15's will work cause mine are very close now. Some rims might require a wheel spacer or something unless you have 16's or higher.